Fiona Chaplin

Managing Editor


Following a degree in Biochemistry and Biological Chemistry from the University of Nottingham, Fiona joined the University of Oxford where she gained a DPhil in Clinical Medicine working under the supervision of Professor Gavin Screaton. Her area of interest was the TNF receptor superfamily, examining the structural-functional relationship in terms of signaling mechanisms, and how these receptors could be targeted in cancer and other diseases. She then moved to Imperial College London with Professor Screaton, to help establish his new research group and to continue with work from her DPhil looking at TNF mutations in TRAPS. During this time, she also undertook a Journalism course at the London College of Communication and worked for a short time as an Account Manager at MediTech Media, where she gained an insight into the medical communications industry.

However, Fiona was soon lured back to academia, taking up a temporary postdoctoral position in the group of Professor Paul Morgan at Cardiff University, where she had previously worked as a summer student during her undergraduate degree. In this role, she helped to establish a crystallography program using expertise gained during her DPhil. Soon after this, she took up a Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, working under the direction of Professor Jan Paul Medema. In this role, she continued her work on the TNF receptor superfamily, focusing on structural studies of APRIL and its receptors, alongside the development of anti-APRIL antibodies. As a result of this work, two international patents were secured, in collaboration with Aduro Biotech, where these antibodies remain in development. The most promising of these antibodies, BION-1301, is currently in a phase I/II clinical trial to assess efficacy in relapsed and refractory MM patients.

Following a move back to the UK in 2012, Fiona transitioned into medical editing and writing, working freelance for several years on a wide range of projects. Fiona joined the Multiple Myeloma Hub in February 2017 as a Medical Writer and recently took up the role of Managing Editor for the MM Hub in 2018.

A list of Fiona’s previous publications (née Fiona C. Kimberley) can be found here.

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