Anne Villeneuve



After obtaining her PhD in Reproductive Biology and Physiology at the University Paris VI, and with a passion for science and marketing, Anne began working as an Interferon Specialist, before progressing to an Interferon Product Manager, at the Schering-Plough Research Institute. In this role, Anne was responsible for implementing the marketing strategy of approved indications in hematological diseases.

Anne then moved on to Asta Medica, France, where she set up an Oncology Business Unit in the role of Unit Manager. In this position, she aided the growth and management of three departments, including Medical, Marketing, and Sales. After almost 6 years at Asta Medica, Anne then moved on to work for Gilead Sciences, France, as the Scientific Director, where she led the development and implementation of the medico-marketing strategy for two products: DaunoXome and AmBisome. In 1997, Anne then became the General Manager of the Chiron French affiliate, where she supervised the management and workflow of the company.

With such wide-ranging experience, as well as an important KOL network, in 2002 Anne became a Consultant in Oncology and Hematology, as well as the CEO of ONCOSULT. During this time, Anne was involved in numerous initiatives, including marketing plans, launch strategies, and the organization and management of Scientific/Advisory Boards, as well as the production of patient leaflets, press dossiers, PR, and fundraising.

In January 2014, Anne moved to the UK and set up ONCOSULT Limited and worked as the Medical Director in Oncology/Hematology for Discovery London. During this time, she was responsible for project management and was also the Scientific Coordinator and the Medico-Marketing Advisor of the company.

Anne currently works full-time for SES as the Editor-in-chief, where she manages a number of hematological educational platforms including the Lymphoma Hub, AML Global Portal, and Multiple Myeloma Hub.

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